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Charlie and Algernon (Musical Version of Flowers for Algernon)

5 Male, 4 Female

David Rogers & Charles Strouse from Daniel Keyes Price: $9.99

David Rogers has adapted his play Flowers for Algernon for the musical stage and it includes the glorious melodies of Charles Strouse

Charlie Gordon, a man with the mind of a child, is given innovative surgery

His intelligence increases to genius level paralleling that of Algernon, a lab mouse, who has had the operation earlier

The interweaving of the fate of the man and the mouse and the love that grows between Charlie and his teacher, Alice Kinnian, make a most unusual, intelligent and romantic musical

The songs, as varied and exciting as the story, include the enchanting love song, "Whatever Time There Is"; the skylarking "Hey, Look at Me!"; the brilliant "The Maze"; the literate "Reading"; and a vaudeville turn in which Charlie appears to dance with the mouse

The original Broadway and London orchestrations are by Phil J. Lang and are scored for an orchestra of nine

The scenery requires small, fragmentary sets and is easy to create.

Area staging - The cast recording from the London production is available on CD by clicking here

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