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+ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin - STAGE VERSION

Large Mixed Cast

Rona Munro from Louis de Bernieres Price: $11.99

++ 25% DISCOUNT ++

Rona Munro's acclaimed adaptation of Louis de Bernières' bestselling novel

Cephalonia, 1941

Captain Corelli, an enigmatic young Italian officer, is posted to the idyllic Greek island as part of the occupying forces

At first shunned by the locals, he proves to be civilised, humorous and a consummate musician

The Captain is soon thrown together with Dr Iannis' strong willed and beautiful daughter Pelagia

Discovering all the complexities of love

And how love can blossom in the most unexpected and profound way

Set against vivid descriptions of the village and its inhabitants and the epic sweep of soldiers caught up in the constantly changing politics of war, this mixed cast of fifteen actors and singers brings the epic novel dramatically to life

Experience all of the passion and poetry that made this love story a multi-million best-selling novel and a smash-hit Hollywood movie


★★★★ "Wartime romance plucks at the heartstrings" ’~ Evening Standard

★★★★ "A fleet, muscular retelling. Liable to bring a lump to the throat" ~ Daily Telegraph

★★★★ "Blissful wartime romance. Wonderfully true to the much-loved book. BRAVO" ~ The Times

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