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Capek - Four Plays - R.U.R. & The Insect Play & The Makropulos Case & The White Plague

Karel Capek Price: $27.95

"There was no writer like him. . . prophetic assurance mixed with surrealistic humour and hard-edged social satire: a unique combination" ~ Arthur Miller

This volume brings together fresh new translations of four of his most popular plays, more than ever relevant today

In R. U. R., the Robot - an idea Çapek was the first to invent - gradually takes over all aspects of human existence except procreation

The Insect Play is a satirical fable in which beetles, butterflies and ants give dramatic form to different philosophies of life

The Makropulos Case is a fantasy about human mortality, finally celebrating the average lifespan

The White Plague is a savage and anguished satire against fascist dictatorship and the virus of inhumanity

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