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Candles to the Sun

11 Male, 9 Female

Tennessee Williams Price: $12.95

Published for the first time, this is the first full-length play by novice playwright Thomas Lanier Williams to be produced

It was premiered by The Mummers, a semi-professional and socially aware theatre troupe in St. Louis on March 18, 1937, and received rave reviews in the local press

Set in the Red Hills coal mining section of Alabama, it deals with both the attempts of the miners to unionize and the bleak lives of their families

M11 F9 + 2 boys + Extras - The front room of a cabin in a mining camp - 1930s

" ... an earnest and searching examination of a particular social reality set out in human and dramatic terms" ~ Reed Hynds, St. Louis Star-Times

Working principally from a script supplied by Jane Garrett Carter (who played Star in the original production), Dan Isaac uses his directorial and scholarly skills to prepare a version as close as possible to the 1937 production while providing contemporary readers (or actors) with the necessary social, political and theatrical context to make the play accessible and relevant once more

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