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California Suite

5 Male, 5 Female

Neil Simon Price: $9.99

Neil Simon at his most humane, compassionate best

It's a humorous confection divided into four parts: Visitor from New York , Visitor from Philadelphia , Visitor from London and Visitors from Chicago. The first three require 1 m., 1 f.; the last one, 2 m. 2 f

In Visitors from Chicago two couples are winding up a vacation they should not have shared. Forced to do things the other couple want to do they end up miserable and hating each other

Visitor from London concerns a British star on her way to the Academy Award ceremonies. She returns without an Oscar and with a husband whose homosexuality will be no comfort tonight

Visitor from Philadelphia concerns a wife who arrives at the hotel suite before her husband can get rid of the drunken hooker in his bed. It wasn't his idea in the first place

In The Visitor from New York , a magazine writer is visited by her ex husband before going home. The question with whom should their daughter spend the next six months? The badinage is perfect and she scores again and again. But her flip front crumbles she fears losing her daughter's affections

"Mr. Simon is writing at his ebullient best. . . . His language has the grace of conversation we wish our friends could muster. . . . Makes us laugh so effortlessly" ~ N.Y. Times

"The middle aged visitors had last night's middle aged audience laughing heartily" ~ N.Y. Daily New

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