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3 Male, 1 Female

Mike Bartlett Price: $12.99

Two jobs

Three candidates

This would be a really bad time to have a stain on your shirt

A savage and insightful play about office politics or playground bullying, depending which side you’re on

Genuinely thrilling, daring and inventive, acclaimed playwright Bartlett (2012's off-Broadway hit Cock) probes the dark side of the modern workplace

"Sinewy, stinging, witty ... it's as if Bartlett has taken the nastiest needling from a Mamet or a Pinter play and put them into a space of pure verbal aggression" ~ The Times

"Short, slick and emotionally unflinching ... delivers a decisive punch ... There's no mistaking the immediacy of Bartlett's unsettling conclusion: that bullying is not just nasty and vile but a natural Darwinian survival reflex where life's winners instinctively know how to thrive and the losers inevitably end up floating in the gutter" ~ The Stage

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