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+ The Brute and Other Farces

Anton Chekhov & Eric Bentley - ed Price: $7.50

** 25% DISCOUNT **

A great-value Collection of all the farces of the great dramatist

In The Brute Mrs Popoff, widow of a landowner, has vowed never to remarry and abjures the company of men forever

Then Smirnoff, one of her late husband's creditors, forces himself into her presence

He's had some little experience of women and also sworn off love

So - they seemed groomed for quarrelling and they do to the point where the anti feminist Smirnoff challenges her to a duel

To his surprise and delight - she accepts

The misogynist creditor suddenly becomes a suitor and by the end it's realized Mrs Popoff's widowhood is also about to end in this one act comedy

This Collection also includes -

  • The Harmfulness of Tobacco
  • Swan Song
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Summer in the Country
  • Wedding
  • The Celebration

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