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British - SCOTTISH - Single-Dialect Booklet + CD

Paul Meier Price: $24.95

Single-Dialect Booklets/CDs - SCOTTISH

Paul Meier's dialect booklets and CDs have helped actors the world over for more than 25 years to improve their "acting with an accent"

Using their clear demonstration and simple exercises, no matter what their level of training, performers quickly become proficient in the English dialects, foreign language accents, and character voices they need in films, theatre, TV, radio, voice-over, ventriloquism, and stand-up comedy

These proven materials demonstrate all the "signature sounds" of the dialects in simple word lists, then in practice sentences, and finally in more challenging practice material

Paul also demonstrates rhythm, intonation, and tonal placement. Phonetic features are expressed both in the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.) and in Paul's "number keying" system for the non-I.P.A. user

Each booklet/CD culminates in two great audition monologues (one male and one female) from a play or film requiring that dialect

The booklets average 25 pages, while the accompanying CDs average 30 minutes

The accompanying single CD is stored in a CD pocket inside the back cover

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