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Brecht On Theatre - The Development of an Aesthetic

Bertolt Brecht edited & trans John Willett Price: $27.95

The most important translation of Brecht's critical writing and one of the most influential theatre volumes of the 20th century. This selection of Bertolt Brecht's critical writing charts the development of his thinking on theatre and aesthetics over four decades

The volume demonstrates how the theories of Epic Theatre and Alienation evolved, and contains notes and essays on the staging of The Threepenny Opera, Mahagonny, Mother Courage, Puntila, Galileo and many others of his plays

Also included is A Short Organum for the Theatre, Brecht's most complete statement of his revolutionary philosophy of the theatre as well as over 32 pages of photographs of Brecht's productions and workshops

'Admirably translated and annotated ... this book is a source of instruction, enlightenment, even fun' - New York Times

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