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Brecht On Film and Radio - HARDBACK

Bertolt Brecht trans & ed Marc Silberman Price: $39.95

"I strongly wish that after their invention of the radio the bourgeoisie would make a further invention that enables us to fix for all time what the radio communicates

Later generations would then have the opportunity to marvel how a caste was able to tell the whole planet what it had to say and at the same time how it enabled the planet to see that it had nothing to say"

From Weimar Germany to Hollywood to East Berlin, Brecht on Film and Radio gathers together a selection of Bertolt Brecht's own writings on the new film and broadcast media that revolutionised arts and communication in the twentieth century.

Bertolt Brecht's hugely influential views on drama, acting and stage production have long been widely recognised

. Less familiar, but of profound importance, are his writings on film and radio Marc Silberman's full editorial commentary sets Brecht's ideas in the context of his other work

This volume gathers together, for the first time in English translation, Brecht's own writings on the new film and broadcast technologies that revolutionised arts and communication in the early part of the twentieth century

It also includes all of Brecht's theoretical writing about film, radio, broadcasting and the new media written between 1919 and 1956 as well as all of his important screenplays produced during the 1920s and 1930s

Screenplays written during this time include an early sound-film adaptation of The Threepenny Opera, and a collaboration with Fritz Lang - Hangmen Also Die

Brecht's writings on the new media document his fascination with it from Weimar Germany to Hollywood and the movie industry

A must for students of Brecht and film studies alike

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