Brecht and the Writer's Workshop - Fatzer and Other Dramatic Projects

Brecht and the Writer's Workshop - Fatzer and Other Dramatic Projects $35.95

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Bertolt Brecht

Published by Methuen

Brecht was never inclined to see any of his plays as completely finished, and this volume collects some of the most important theatrical projects and fragments that were always to remain "works in progress"

Offering an invaluable insight into the writer's working methods and practices, this Collection features the famous Fatzer as well as The Bread Store and Judith of Shimoda, along with other texts that have never before been available in English

Alongside the familiar, 'completed' plays, Brecht worked on many ideas and plans which he never managed to work up even once for print or stage

In pieces like Fleischhacker, Garbe/Büsching and Jacob Trotalong we see how such projects were abandoned or interrupted or became proving grounds for ideas and techniques.

The works collated here span over thirty years and allow the reader to follow Brecht's creative process as he constantly revised his work to engage with new contexts

This treasure-trove of new discoveries is also annotated with dramaturgical notes to present readable and useable texts for the theatre

The volume is edited by Tom Kuhn and Charlotte Ryland, with the translation and dramaturgical edition of each play provided by a team of experienced writers, scholars and translators


Introduction, explaining the status and appearance of the various projects and setting them in the context, both of Brecht's literary development and of German social and political history

Fleischhacker (1924-27) - edited and translated by Phoebe von Held and Matthias Rothe

Fatzer - Downfall of an Egoist (1926-30) - edited and translated by Tom Kuhn: The Downfall of Johann Fatzer

The Bread Store (1929-30) - edited and translated by Marc Silberman

Jacob Trotalong (mid to late 1930s) - edited and translated by Charlotte Ryland

The Judith of Shimoda (1940) - edited and translated by Markus Wessendorf

Büsching (1950s) - edited and translated by Marc Silberman

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