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Brecht - A Practical Handbook

David Zoob Price: $19.95

An essential new book on putting into practice the theories of one of theatreís most influential directors and playwrights

Informative and accessible, it clearly explains Brechtís theories and shows how they can be applied not only to his plays but to many of the most important works in theatre

It offers a bold and exciting new approach to Bertolt Brecht to a new generation of actors, directors, students and theatre-makers, and includes dozens of exercises to help turn theory into practice

Written by the Head of Acting at Rose Bruford - one of the UKís leading Drama Schools - it demystifies Brechtís theories, and offers an approach to study and performance that can be applied to a wide range of texts and theatre styles, including a close analysis of texts by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Miller, Pinter, and of course Brecht

Whether youíre a student, a teacher, an actor or a theatre-maker, this book will change the way you view and work with Brecht


"Zoob has engaged with Brechtís many and varied principles for a politicised theatre and channelled them into a wide range of novel and innovative exercises that are applicable to a great many dramas and can equally interrogate devised material Ö Excellent" ~ David Barnett, Professor of Theatre, University of York

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