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Large Mixed Cast

Tim Jorgenson Price: $15.99

Bonhoeffer is a dramatization of the struggles of Dietrich Bonhoeffer to witness his Christian faith in and against the Third Reich

Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) was a prominent pastor and theologian in the so-called "Confessing Church," that element of the Lutheran church that refused to adopt either the forms or substance of fealty to the Hitler state

The play depicts Dietrich Bonhoeffer's struggle to do the will of God in a society patently taken over by a criminal government and amidst a prominent family whose members were actively engaged in the German resistance. In Bonhoeffer we see how Bonhoefferıs Christ-centered theology led to his active engagement with the Resistance movement

Arrested by the Nazi authorities on (unfounded) suspicions of financial irregularities, Bonhoeffer managed to conceal his involvement in the Resistance until almost the very last days of the Third Reich, when he was executed upon Hitlerıs orders

The play lends itself to theatrical production, to altar dramas, and to reading by study groups

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