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Boesman and Lena

2 Male, 1 Female

Athol Fugard Price: $9.99

Two Black scavengers emerge from the underbrush loaded with their total possessions the makings of a shack and a battery of pots and pans but nothing to cook in them. They are the dregs of society, the stepped upon, the spat upon

"The play is carefully structured as a dance first with Lena's solo, then with a pas de deux , then with Boesman's verbal self expression. An old man stumbles on the two Hottentots, and becomes the physical catalyst of their relationship, precipitating a crisis and a credible resolution" ~ Hollywood Reporter

"Athol Fugard, the South African playwright, has written some fine plays, but certainly none better than the amazing Boesman and Lena , which is great; absolutely superb" ~ ABC TV

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