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Large Cast Male, 3 Female

James Saunders Price: $16.95

Two couples - Anne and Mervyn, and Helen and David - meet again for the first time in nine years. Helen and David have since undertaken a course of ‘therapy' in America, which they claim has given them a new serenity and contentment with their lives and each other

But Mervyn, at once intrigued and irritated, begins to probe for signs of lingering neurosis, raking up memories of the time when he had left Anne to live with Helen, and David had gone to live with Anne - and the self-recriminations surface once again...

" a play which, when we have laughed at its wit, been held in the grip of its drama and revelled in the colours and layers of its language, still raises echo after echo in our minds and hearts" ~ Bernard Levin, The Sunday Times

"...positively glitters with rhetorical brilliance" ~ Felix Barker, Evening news

"The well-crafted script is razor-sharp, credible and, in places, hugely funny" ~ Douglas McPherson, What’s On

"Saunders writes with a fastidious wit and subtle cadence that delights the ear" ~ International Herald Tribune

"...his best play to date. It is a Shavian discussion piece, but the characters are recognisable flesh and blood" ~ Frank Marcus, Sunday Telegraph

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