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+ Blue Stockings - The Play

Large Mixed Cast

Jessica Swale Price: $14.95

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A hugely entertaining, inspiring play about four women fighting to be treated equally in Victorian England

The female students of Cambridge's Girton College live in a farmhouse 20 miles from Cambridge - considered "a safe distance" from their male peers

The year's intake of new women face economic difficulty, the distractions of men and radical politics, and the jaw-dropping prejudice that blights every aspect of academic life

In addition, they are refused toilet facilities and are made to eat in biology labs surrounded by cadavers

There then looms a controversial vote to decide if these 'blue stockings' be allowed to graduate

The play explores the scale of the hostility they faced and includes scenes of the burning effigies of women hoisted up on ropes by some of England's finest minds on the day of the historic vote

This moving, funny and eye-opening story of four young women fighting for education and self-determination is played against the larger backdrop of women’s suffrage

While skillfully invoking its Victorian setting, the play’s themes of gender equality and the power of education are just as important today


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