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Blowin’ Off Steam

6 Male, 0 Female

Charles DeLong Price: $7.99

Six guy friends in a steam room - what could possibly go wrong?

But when one's a Democrat and another's a Republican ...

And when one's about to get married for the first time

And another's in the process of his 4th divorce

Lots can go wrong

Whole lots!

Blowin' Off Steam follows the male bonding exploits of a group of successful suburban guys as they maneuver through discussions of marriage, divorce, politics, religion, hookers, sports

And even "Man Crush Monday"

Will Allen convince Clayton to call off his impending nuptials?

Will Mario ever reach his dream of making it as "Il Conquistatore" in the pro wrestling world?

Will Daniel and Jonathan ever see eye-to-eye on their political convictions?

And what about Craig?

Is he dead or just sleeping?

This 90 minute one-set comedy answers all these questions and many more


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