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Blood Strangers

2 Male, 0 Female

Andy Rooster Bloch aka Rooster Mitchell Price: $7.99

Two brothers find themselves confined to a dingy motel room following a bank robbery in which a security guard was accidentally shot

The older brother - Lucky - is a rough, crude, everyman, who at the age of 16 went out to buy cigarettes and never came back...

... abandoning - among others - Clay, his uptight, neurotic, recently divorced little brother who followed the straight and narrow

They argue incessantly about their predicament and failings in life, much of it at the blame of the other

But beneath all of that there is a constant struggle for communication and understanding about their difficult, estranged relationship

Whether they are beating up on each other or sharing an emotional, intimate moment, we never lose sight of the palpable underlying tension

These men are indeed on the run from the law following the botched robbery

And in dire need of an immediate plan of action


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