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Blair Witch Project - An illustrated History

Cece Malvey & Jen van Meter Price: $12.95

Some years before Heather Donohue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams hiked into Maryland's Black Hills forest to shoot a documentary on the Blair Witch, another student, Cece Malvey, disappeared in the same forest around Burkittsville, but was later found unconscious in a dry river bed. Malvey told strange stories about the woods which he claimed to have heard from the Blair Witch herself. Met with disbelief, he illustrated these tales himself and published them as "Wood Witch Said". Horribly traumatised by his experiences, Malvey committed suicide but his powerful stories survive and have been adapted for this book by Jen Van Meter, Tommy Lee Edwards, Guy Davies and Bernie Mireault. Malvey's testimonies represent as much as we can reliabliy know on the Blair Witch and her terrible legacy. This book invites you to discover the haunting stories that inspired the missing film makers. These stories cast a grim light that illuminates the evets of the documentary, "The Blair Witch Project" and should make "the most terrifying film ever made" even more frightening. 1-901680-44-4

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