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Black Silver

Large Mixed Cast

Robert M Secreti Price: $7.99

A frolicking musical about a tenacious black lawman, Bass Reeves and his bumbling partner Bat Masterson

Together Bass and Bat compete for the love of a woman, and the notoriety of the Old West

It takes place in Comanche, Oklahoma during the Wild West expansion

Bass Reeves is in Comanche to send a telegraph

Soon he is cornered by outlaws looking to cash in on a bounty that is on his head

Little do the outlaws know that Bass is aware of their plot to kill him

But he has his undercover agent Lily Langtry watching his back with her partner Touch Hole Kelly

During Bassís stop in Comanche, the freight office is robbed by the Bob Dozier gang

At the time of the robbery the Bob Dozier gang had no idea that among the cash they stole they have possession of the bearer bonds for the M-K and T railroad locally known as theďKatyĒ

Bat Mastersonís longtime friend Jake Weatherbee has been killed defending the freight office

The whole southwest and the U.S. Government are in an uproar over the loss of the Katy

As luck would have it there is so much deceit and corruption

The chase through the Old West brings dance hall girls, gamblers, madams, politicians, Indians, and everyone of nefarious character on the trail of the bonds

To complicate matters Bass Reeves and Bat Masterson compete for the love of a beautiful dance hall girl named Nellie Jenny

This love forces Bass and Bat to form an uneasy alliance

While singing and dancing their way into history they negotiate a pardon with Judge Roy Bean. Bass has his wallet stolen by Belle Starr

If that that isnít enough Bass has to deal with the local madam, Fanny Porter to get information

Bass being a black man in a white manís world not only has day to day survival issues to contend with

He also has the hatred and despair the ending of the Civil War has brought

The Old West being wild and tamable has a need and place for people like him

Although the hardships are abundant, a good sense of humor keeps Bass and the rest of the characters singing and dancing their way into your heart

Sit back and enjoy this fun loving frolicking musical ride through the Old West and into history

M17 F8


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