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Biloxi Blues

6 Male, 2 Female

Neil Simon Price: $9.99

This is Chapter Two in the continuing saga of Eugene Morris Jerome, alter ego of the youthful Neil Simon. When we last met Eugene, he was coping with adolescence in the 1930's in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Here, he is young army recruit during the Second World War, going through his basic training, learning more about Life, and generally developing his Writer's Sensibility at boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1943. Still jotting down his memoirs

Eugene and five other assorted enlisted men suffer under a hard nosed D.I., confront the daily "mess" served up in the mess hall, join together in a visit to a local prostitute and, generally, Become Adults

For the first time, Eugene confronts the degradation of anti Semitism; and, for the first time, he falls in love. Then, his training over, it's goodbye Biloxi

"A fine comedy, and another step in the process of making Simon neither so simple, nor so simplistic" ~ N.Y. Post

"Joyous and unexpectedly rewarding" ~ N.Y. Times

"A play that rings with a newer, deeper, sweeter truth" ~ N.Y. Magazine

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