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Big Trouble - Six 10 Minute Plays

3 Male, 4 Female

Michael Bigelow Dixon & Valerie Smith Price: $9.99

Big Trouble is composed of six 10-minute plays from Actors Theatre of Louisville and Walden Theatre by Michael Bigelow Dixon and Valerie Smith with a preface by Jon Jory

The Six Plays are ...

Blind Alleys

A blind businessman leads his blind employees through an average work day that is not average. For this group, being blind seems to be more of an asset than a liability

Some More Than Others

Can there be surprises in the ballot-counting room for three girls who must make sure the right person gets elected student body president? A focus on honesty versus doing the politically correct thing


While driving on a foggy night, two brothers hit something—or was it someone? Should they notify the police or hide?

The Shack Attack

Protest and human rights on one side, resentment and prejudice on the other

The Pick-Up

A light look at interplay between men and women in a singles bar E=mc2

Ever wonder what really goes on in an office full of high-pressure telecommunications salespeople?

Requires flexible cast of 7

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