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Between Two Silences - Talking with Peter Brook

Peter Brook & Dale Moffitt - ed Price: $27.95

This unusually candid volume of Brook in dialogue provides an uninhibited encounter with contemporary theatre's most influential director

Ranging widely over many topics, Brook talks about his innovative and award-winning production of The Marat/Sade, his film and stage versions of King Lear, and his nine-hour production of the Indian epic The Mahabharata

With passion and clarity he discusses acting, directing, auditions, film versus the stage, his responses to the work of other theatre figures like Grotowski and Artaud, and the multiculturalism which characterises his most recent work

Between Two Silences offers a rare insight into Brook's beliefs and thoughts on theatre, giving straightforward answers to the often complex questions which his work and writings have raised

"Brook is someone prepared to dream, take risks, fail and then try again, succeed and still try again - a genius, and a creative one" ~ Benedict Nightingale, (Times Literary Supplement)

When trying to cope with the most practical and self-concerned questions from students - "What do you do when you haven't enough money?" or "How do you run auditions?" or "How did you start?" - Peter Brook is being more useful to students and more down to everyday earth than in any of his published works that I have read or than very experienced interviewers have encouraged him to be" ~ John Russell Brown - Editor of The Oxford University History of the Theatre

"Peter Brook is unique, a vital and idealistic force who has helped to reshape our theatre. It is a tribute to Moffitt that the man himself emerges from the book ... Nowhere else has the picture of Brook as a collaborator emerged with such clarity" |~ Andrew Harris, Author of Broadway Theatre

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