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Bette & Joan

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Anton Burge Price: $12.99

Once grande dames of Hollywood, by 1962 arch-rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were in danger of becoming has-beens

Then an opportunity came along .... to appear together in a new movie called Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Bette & Joan depicts the two stars, in adjacent dressing rooms, between takes on the set of Baby Jane

Joan manages her anxiety by lacing her Pepsi with vodka and signing photographs for her beloved fans

Bette chain smokes and muses on her love-life, and her ability to pick a decent script, but never a decent man

But behind the bitching and practical jokes we see each woman's insecurities and regrets, and their rivalry is revealed to be underpinned by grudging respect as they attempt to identify their new roles in life as well as in their careers


Bette Davis Hollywood actress, 54. A star who has nothing to prove. Brisk, no nonsense,to the point of abruptness, caustic, brittle, difficult, vulnerable and funny. At the time of filming, a low point in her life and career. Has worked steadily through the 50s, though often with unrewarding results. Angry at the state of the business and her position within it. A professional to her fingertips. Four times married, recently divorced, mother of three (two adopted). All that matters now is the work

Joan Crawford Hollywood star, admits to 54, though is actually 58; as an actress has much to prove. Glamorous, neurotic, moody, vulnerable, generous and alcoholic. Desperate for approval. Comfortable playing the star, though there is always an uncertainty about this, stemming from a childhood that lacked education and love, from which she struggled, reinventing herself, to survive in the toughest of businesses. Four times married, recently widowed, mother of four (all adopted). Throughout her life, in spite of adversity, the image of Joan Crawford, star, continues to shine


"Here we have a delicate game of oneup-womanship, in which bared teeth are hidden behind dissembling smiles and barbed insults fly in both directions" ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian

" ... an evening of great entertainment where vituperation is the star" ~ Paul Callan, Daily Express

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