Bermuda Tangle & Why Can't I Be a Teenager in Love? - Two 30 Minute Plays


Andra Bishop

Published by SchoolPlay Productions

Large Mixed Cast
Bermuda Tangle - Frank and Maureen Snoxall are on a boating holiday in the Bermuda Triangle. A strange-looking ship appears and is sunk by their little boat. On board were Sir Walter Raleigh, aiming to discover Virginia and potatoes, his Cabin Boy and Guy Fawkes. Brought into the twentieth century they pursue their quests with unexpected - and often hilarious - results.

Cast : 11 ( 5 m, 6 f ). Suggested Age Range : 13 to 18. Running Time : 30 minutes. Set : Seven "scenes" - which can be depicted just with rostra and props. A small boat at sea; the Customs Hall at Dover; outside a house; a fast-food restaurant; the cellars of the House of Commons; inside a house; at sea again.

Why Can't I Be a Teenager in Love? - Sarah is a normal 15 year old girl trying to understand the complexities of teenage relationships. Steve is the good looking one: all the girls fancy him, Sam apes him and he fancies himself. Mark can supply "the goods"; Dave is preserving the environment; Paul's only love is football; Randolph does not really fit in. The good-looking Mel is determined to hook Steve, but he chooses Louise. Beccy is jealous, Marsha unaware. There is a dramatic climax at the school disco.

Cast : 14 ( 6 m, 8 f ). Suggested Age Range : 13 to 16. Running Time : 30 minutes. Set : Open plan. Changing between various houses; the street; a youth club; the school disco.

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