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+ Behan Complete Plays - The Hostage & Quare Fellow & Richard’s Cork Leg

Brendan Behan intro Alan Simpson Price: $12.95

** 50% DISCOUNT **

This volume contains everything Brendan Behan wrote in dramatic form in English including the three famous full-length plays ...

The Quare Fellow, set in an Irish prison - "In Brendan Behan's tremendous new play language is out on a spree, ribald, dauntless and spoiling for a fight ... with superb dramatic tact, the tragedy is concealed beneath layer after layer of rough comedy" - Observer

The Hostage, set in a Dublin lodging-house of doubtful repute where a young English soldier is being kept prisoner - "shouts, sings, thunders and stamps with life ... a masterpiece" - The Times

Richard's Cork Leg, set in a graveyard - "a joyous celebration of life" Guardian

The volume also contains three one-act plays, originally written for radio and all intensely autobiographical, Moving Out, A Garden Party & The Big House

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