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Battle Hymn

4 Male, 1 Female

Jim Leonard Jr Price: $9.99

From award-winning playwright Jim Leonard, this is the story of 16-year-old Martha’s epic pregnancy and her incredible search for motherhood, meaning, and love in a war-torn American landscape

After being abandoned by her father, losing her true love and witnessing the horrors of the Civil War firsthand, Martha settles on one incontrovertible fact - she will not raise her baby in a blood-soaked, violent country

And so, Martha keeps traveling in search of a better world and a safe place to give birth to her child

This is easier said than done ...

From the mud and the blood of Fort Sumter to singing cows, San Francisco and the Summer of Love, Martha’s journey embodies the tragedy, humor and hope that have helped shape the last 150 years of US history

“Refreshingly original, smart and engaging” ~ LA Times

“Sinfully rich theatrical adventure infused with profoundly resonant social satire that produces visceral wonderment” ~ Backstage West

“Leonard’s writing is rich and often humorous, and he’s skilled at creating memorable characters” ~ Variety

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