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Basket Case

2 Male, 2 Female

Nick Fisher Price: $15.95

Dependable Miranda and her ex-husband, the smooth-talking, charming and utterly unreliable Guy are thrown together in distressing circumstances when their faithful aging family pet takes a turn for the worse

Reunited over the dog basket, Guy and Miranda soon discover they haven’t ‘moved on’ quite as smoothly as they’d imagined

When they are joined by their family friend James, who rarely sees a stick without getting the wrong end of it, and Martin, the vet and a long time admirer of Miranda, the scene is set for some startling home-truths as this rapid-fire foursome mines laughter and touching observations in equal measure

Will this be the end of Guy’s hopes of a reunion with Miranda, or the beginning of an unlikely romance?

And has Guy really discovered a love for his old dog that he failed to find during his marriage?

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