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Barnes Plays 3 - Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie & Heaven’s Blessings & Revolutionary Witness

Peter Barnes Price: $27.95

Another fantastic collection of plays from one of Britain's most brilliant and biting comic writers

Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie is a riotous, scabrous comedy concerning a demonic figure, a destroyer and giver of life, who is always trying to jump, with both feet into his left trouser leg

Heaven's Blessings, taken from the grim pages of the Bible is a charming epic comedy of Tobit, his wife, their son and a cantankerous guardian angel, who set out to reclaim an outstanding IOU, overcoming many dangers which test their faith to breaking point

Revolutionary Witness, about the French Revolution, is a series of four monologues televised by the BBC in 1989 "Peter Barnes is one of the unrecognised geniuses of the English theatre" - Plays and Players

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