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Barnes Plays 2 - The Spirit of Man & Nobody Here But Us Chickens & Red Noses & Sunsets and Glories & Bye Bye Columbus

Peter Barnes Price: $27.95

A selection of plays from one of the most original and biting comic writers working in Britain

The Spirit of Man is "an ingenious triple-bill exploring Man's need for faith through three short satires based in medieval France, Protectorate England and nineteenth-century Eastern Europe" - Independent

Nobody Here But Us Chickens is a linked trilogy of satires on New Age, corporate and bedroom politics

Red Noses is a political satire about the plague and takes place in 1348

Set in medieval Italy during a crisis in the Church, Sunsets and Glories is "a work of the highest and most thrilling theatrical energy" - Independent on Sunday, whilst Bye Bye Columbus is a "highly entertaining" television play - The Guardian

"Peter Barnes is one of the unrecognised geniuses of the English theatre" - Plays and Players

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