Barbecue Apocalypse

Barbecue Apocalypse $15.99

Matt Lyle

Published by Broadway Play Publishing

4 Male 3 Female

Three couples gather on the back deck of a very modest suburban home for a mid-summer barbecue

The hosts Mike and Deb struggle with feelings of inadequacy about their home decor, their clothes, their careers, their culinary skills, and pretty much everything else

Ash is a successful yuppy with impeccable taste

But annoys the hell out of his wife, Lulu, who likes to get very drunk, very quickly

Win mistakes his obnoxious confidence for charm

And his new girlfriend, Glory, is just too young and beautiful to be tolerated by other women

Throughout Act One feelings are hurt over the difference between "Organic" and "All Natural" beef

And who's pregnant and who's just put on a little weight

And a nearly crippling iPhone addiction

The superficial, neuroses-laden interpersonal squabbles bubble over to a flash of inept violence when Win makes what we learn is just one in a series of passes at Deb

As the Act closes, the group discovers that the rest of the world has been literally falling apart during their little, terrible barbecue

Act Two takes place on the same deck for another barbecue to celebrate their one-year post-apocalypsiversary

In a year where the only way to measure success is survival, roles have reversed

We now explore how each character's basic nature has allowed them to adapt and thrive

Or has pushed them to the brink of extinction ...


"A hilarious frenzy of existential angst" ~ Martha Heimberg,

"A good comedy makes you laugh. A really good one makes you think. Barbecue Apocalypse is a really good comedy" ~ Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

"Barbecue Apocalypse suggests, in no uncertain terms, that these thoroughly average Americans were far more savage when they were sipping mango margaritas and failing to make small talk as compared to a year later when their new hobbies include devouring raccoons and threatening to stab electronic devices, among other acts defined as depraved by current standards of decorum" ~ Kevin Greene, Chicago Stage Standard

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