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Avenue Q - 2 CDs of Vocal Tracks & Backing Tracks

Stage Stars Recording Price: $29.95

Winning the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2005, Avenue Q is the first major musical by the writing team of Bobby Lopez and Jeff Marx

There are 40 tracks on this album - Tracks 1-20 contain the background tracks and guide vocals & Tracks 21-40 contain the accompaniment tracks alone

These Vocal & Backing tracks on 2 CDs are recorded in the original show key and tempo, and are of particular value to those of you preparing to stage the show or preparing to audition

This enables the performer to learn a song by singing along with the vocals and music, and then practice their technique accompanied only by the backing track

The CD will work in any CD player

NB - This album contains explicit lyrics

Click and listen to a Sample of any of the 20 Songs ...

The Avenue Q Theme
What Do You Do with a English?
It Sucks To Be Me
If You Were Gay
Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
The Internet Is for Porn
Mix Tape
I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today
You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want
Fantasies Come True
My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada
There's a Fine, Fine Line
There Is Life Outside Your Apartment
The More You Ruv Someone
I Wish I Could Go Back to College
The Money Song
For Now

Please note, this is NOT the Original Cast Recording

Also, for copyright reasons, on this occasion lyrics are NOT included

The Full Vocal Score + Lyrics can be purchased separately by clicking here

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