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Avenue of the Americas - Three One-Act Comedies

3 Male, 5 Female

Martin Blank Price: $6.99

These three plays can be done individually or presented together ...

Avenue of the Americas - M3,F2

A 30-year-old woman on the lam from a New Jersey mental institution becomes the queen of Madison Avenue. Her advertising campaigns are wildly popular, winning awards and blue chip clients-as well as the heart of New York's most eligible bachelor. Still, her commercials wreak havoc with her boss, the Catholic Church, and certain cat owners

A dark, comic ride that asks: how far would you go to have it all?

Runs about 30 minutes

Driving Green - M1,F1

A politically opposite married couple tries to survive going green and a morning commute without killing each other

Runs about 10 minutes

Read My Lips - M2,F5

A play with dance in which a young man comes to terms with the loss of the grandmother that raised him

Runs about 30 minutes

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