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Athens - It Could Be You - ASSEMBLY PACK

Tony Dalton & Tim Spencer Price: $19.95

Athens - It Could Be You! is a 10 minute mini-version of Athens - The Birth of Democracy and is particularly suitable for Assemblies ...

How do you get rid of those politicians who are failing or corrupt?

The Athenians came up with a novel solution - Ostracism

This Assembly Pack includes ...

  • The Script

  • Music Score

  • A reduced Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design the costumes

  • A Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks to three Songs which can be used for both performance & rehearsal


    It Could Be You!
    They Are Corrupt

    A second 10 Minute mini-version suitable for Assembly called To Vote or Note to Vote is available separately by click here

    Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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