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At Sea, Staring Up

2 Male, 3 Female

Finegan Kruckemeyer Price: $24.95

Emma the Greek will sail the seas alone to save her father; Noah will search for his wife who flew off a bridge; Elise will fight the dragons snapping at her heels as she drives each night to lull her baby to sleep; Caleb, a curious misfit, will swim vast oceans to prove his love for Sylvia Wist.; Sylvia Wist can climb up waterfalls and jump time and spaceShe may not be ordinary but then neither is love

At Sea, Staring Up is a richly poetic magical relationship drama that follows the journeys of five characters all motivated by love

Set over three continents and one vast ocean this richly poetic, thought provoking play weaves together a world of people who have lost, or are looking for love

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