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Artist Descending a Staircase

6 Male, 1 Female

Tom Stoppard Price: $12.99

In 1972 an elderly avant-garde artist is murdered, leaving his two friends suspecting each other

To reveal why, successive scenes flashback toward the 1920s and then progress back to 1972

Each of the three was infatuated with Sophie

Before she tragically went blind she fell in love with one of them after viewing his picture in a gallery

Which artist Sophie loved has been a bone of contention all their lives

This full length play in one act was a radio play before it was staged to acclaim in London


"Artfulness, artistry and art history are elegantly brought together.... On one level a simple whodunit, the work is also a clever exercise in altering alignments, which makes you aware of how you have failed to see what was staring you in the face" ~ The Independent

"Intricate and intriguing" ~ Daily Mail

"Witty" ~ Arts Guardian

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