Arthur's Stone Merlin's Fire - The Making of a King

Arthur's Stone Merlin's Fire - The Making of a King $10.99

Kathryn Petersen

Published by Dramatic Publishing

7 Female

This imaginative retelling of the Arthurian legend is set in the hill fort of Trumontium in 500 A.D.

In the midst of a fierce storm, a mysterious sword-stone appears. Rumors fly that the person who can pull the sword out will be the Pendragon, the next high king of Britain

Warriors come from far and wide to try their hand but to no avail

Until young Arthur, mocking a warrior's attempt, surprisingly removes the sword, and thus his problems begin ...

Chief Ector imprisons Arthur, furious that he has succeeded where his son Kei has failed. To make matters worse, the local villagers begin to believe Arthur is in league with the devil and of evil Saxon blood

Into this mess, Torag the wandering tinker, and Nimue, a young maid, arrive. Torag, a close friend of Arthur's, visits him in his cell and, for a reason unknown to Arthur, instructs him to carve chess pieces. Nimue gets a job as a servant and secretly brings Arthur the wood and knife he needs for his carving

When the evil Queen Morgaine unexpectedly arrives and proclaims that Arthur is indeed her half brother and son of Uther the Pendragon, Torag the Tinker moves fast. He knows Arthur isn't ready for the job. He convinces Arthur to go to the Forest Perilous with him where he can learn how to become a king

There, Arthur learns valuable lessons through the help of talking trees, a magical chess board where the pieces he carved come to life, and his new friend, Nimue. Queen Morgaine interrupts Arthur's apprenticeship and tries to convince him to rule Britain with her

Torag warns him that she's hungry for power. Morgaine reveals Torag's true identity, that of Merlin, the great wizard and former advisor to Uther the Pendragon

Arthur, feeling used and betrayed, runs deeper into the woods. Renouncing his kingship, he throws the sword into a lake and the lake magically responds

Unit set - Runs about 2 hours 15 minutes

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