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Arthur and Esther

1 Male, 1 Female

Ross Howard Price: $12.99

Set in a low lit, empty public library and a brightly lit area somewhere in the Afterlife, this elemental and affecting two-hander explores love, its loss, and the lives we inherit and impose on others

Despairing of more public spending cuts, Arthur wrestles with the methods set out in "28 Ways to Terminate Your Existence and Questions You May Have" - the one book he has salvaged from the closure of his beloved library

And in another world - in the wake of her own death - his wife Esther reconciles the ghosts of the past with a hope for the future

This play of two worlds is a romantic, dark comedy and was first performed at The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre, New York


"Howard's script sprints along with observation and humor" ~ Las Vegas Review Journal

“ …. full of both outrageous dark comedy and deep sincerity …. an ultimately compelling night of theatre” ~

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