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Arbitrating Murder

6 Male, 2 Female

Frank Swacker Price: $7.99

Arbitrating Murder is a humorous fictional arbitration play replete with laughs

Yet, the fact an arbitrator is empowered to decide, if it is likely the Claimantís father killed her Mom, shocks daughter Cynthia

The deceased Mom, Margaret Largo, former owner and operator of a Washington, DC P. R. firm, specialized in espionage and political corruption across continents - from the Caribbean and South America to Africa, Europe and Asia

The sole beneficiary of her untimely death is her husband, Edward

He is a five-time serial widower, sometime homosexual adulterer and current claimant to Margaretís two-million dollar life insurance policy

Meanwhile between final university examinations daughter, Cynthia, is dragged ever deeper into her parentsí past shady activities


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