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Tim Prentki

Published by Methuen

At once both guide book and provocation, this is an indispensable companion for students and practitioners of Applied Theatre

It addresses all key aspects - principles, origins, politics and aesthetics - in a concise and accessible style designed to appeal both to those who have recently discovered this sub-discipline and to experienced practitioners and academics

PART ONE is divided into two chapters ...

The first introduces the sub-discipline of Theatre for Development, covering its origins, principles and history, and providing an overview of theatre for development in Western contexts as well as in Africa, Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Latin America

The second focuses upon theoretical and philosophical issues confronting the discipline and its relationship to contemporary politics, as well as considering its future role

PART TWO consists of seven chapters ...

Contributed by leading figures and current practitioners from around the world, they cover a diverse range of themes, methodologies and aesthetic approaches

One chapter offers a series of case studies concerned with sexual health education and HIV prevention, drawn from practitioners working in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Southern Africa, and China

Other chapters include :

Studies of intercultural theatre in the Peruvian Amazon

A programme of applied theatre conducted in schools in Canterbury, New Zealand, following the 2010 earthquake

An attempt to reinvigorate a community theatre group in South Brazil

And an exchange between a Guatemalan arts collective and a Dutch youth theatre company



Chapter One: History and Origins of Theatre for Development

Chapter Two: Fool's Play or Juggling with Neoliberalism

Chapter Three: Capacity Building Theatre (and Vice Versa) (John O'Toole with Au Yi-Man, Andrea Baldwin, Helen Cahill and Kennedy Chinyowa)

Chapter Four: Isolation in Community Theatre (Marcia Pompeo with Dimitri Camorlinga)

Chapter Five: The Game of Identities: Intercultural Theatre in the Peruvian Amazon (Rodrigo Benza)

Chapter Six: Imizamo Yethu 'our efforts' to Engage through Theatre (Veronica Baxter)

Chapter Seven: Theatre in Crisis: Moments of Beauty in Applied Theatre (Peter O'Connor)

Chapter Eight: Exploring Theatre as Pedagogy for 'Developing Citizens' in an English Primary School (Alison Lloyd Williams)

Chapter Nine: The Ludic Box: Playful Alternatives from Guatemala for the World (Doryan Bedoya and Eugene van Erven)

Afterword: What Next for Theatre for Development?



Tim Prentki is Professor of Theatre for Development at the University of Winchester, UK, where he ran the MA in Theatre and Media as Development for many years. He is co-editor of The Applied Theatre and writes regularly on Theatre for Development for academic journals throughout the world

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