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Large Mixed Cast

Alexandre Dumas trans Laurence Senelick Price: $15.95

Anthony is not a melodrama, Anthony is not a tragedy, Anthony is not a stage play. Anthony is an acting-out of love, jealousy and anger in five acts ~ Alexandre Dumas (père)

After an absence of three years, Antony returns to Adele, the woman he has always loved

But Adele is now a wife and mother

The play's sympathetic presentation of adultery caused a scandal ...

"The evening of the first performance of Anthony in 1831 was an uproar, a tumult, an effervescence. The audience was delirious; they clapped, sobbed, wept and shouted. The young women were all hopelessly in love with Antony; the young men would have blown their brains out for Adèle d’Hervey. Modern love was admirably portrayed, with quite extraordinary intensity ... The burning passion of the play set every heart aflame … These are really characters speaking, and not the author, as is often seen today. Alexandre Dumas ... takes men and women, shoves them into a passionate action, makes them live, love, suffer, work, according the play’s fatality, but does not reveal himself” ~ Théophile Gautier

“Our author, drunk on youth and vitality, tossed to the crowd, avid for emotion, Anthony whose vogue was a frenzy. Drawing-rooms were suddenly filled with crowds of young men with pale faces, bushy eyebrows, bony frames, long black hair, and eyes veiled by tortoise-shell spectacles” —Eugène de Mirecourt

M6,F9 + Extras

Runs about 120 minutes

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