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Another Medea

1 Male, 0 Female

Aaron Mark Price: $9.99

A full-length one-man play ...

Marcus Sharp is a charismatic and enigmatic New York actor

He recounts in gruesome detail how his obsessions with a wealthy doctor named Jason and the myth of Medea lead to horrific, unspeakable events

At once ancient and contemporary, this provocative mono-thriller is Grand Guignol horror in the style of Spalding Gray


" ... detailed, funny and horrifying. A perfect mixture of crime drama, horror and humanity … one of the most gripping, fascinating stories I’ve ever witnessed”~

Another Medea is as intense and gripping a show as you’re ever likely to see, a harrowing examination of Euripides’ Medea myth, set in modern-day New York City” ~

Another Medea is the sort of theater experience that has you wanting to stop listening …while you’re aching to learn what happens next. You need to find out if it’s even more horrific than what has just preceded it. It’s a tale that if told around a campfire would keep everyone awake for the rest of the night” ~ Huffington Post

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