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Anne Frank and Me

4 Male, 7 Female

Cherie Bennett Price: $9.99

This multiple national award-winning new American classic, which was a hit in New York, is about the awakening of a modern teen Holocaust denier. Nicole Burns doubts the truth and cares even less, but ultimately comes face-to-face with the hell of the Holocaust, and—in an extraordinary sequence—meets Anne Frank on a cattle car to Auschwitz

We start out with Nicole in today's teen world of MTV. Hip-hop dancing, unfinished homework assignments, and young love are all transported with her to Nazi-occupied Paris, 1942-44, and then are brought forward again to the light and hope of the present

"Remarkable. As heartbreaking as it is ingenious" ~ Tennessean

"A triumph" ~ New Times, Kansas City

"Packs a fresh, solid punch. The audience was swept up into the story" ~ Sun Newspapers

"A masterpiece" ~ The Observer, Nashville

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