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3 Male, 3 Female

Clare Lizzimore Price: $8.99

Rachel has it all : marriage, house, career

So why does she suddenly have this creeping feeling?

Did she leave something behind?

Or is there something in the walls…?

Her husband thinks she needs time

Her psychiatrist suggests positive thinking

But then the visions start ...

Apparitions of doubts

Past decisions

Future mistakes

Is it time for Xanax?

Or Prozac?

Or perhaps she just needs to forget it all, follow her instinct

And kiss a stranger

A darkly comic play about the underside of domesticity, the complexity of the brain in chaos

And the thin line between sinking and survival



“ ... teases out its fractured storyline with elements of menace and surrealism reminiscent of Harold Pinter…” ~ Hollywood Reporter

“… Lizzimore’s drama turns one woman’s mental descent into a theatrical tour de force… As its main character descends further and further into madness, Lizzimore puts us right in that vortex of her downward spiral …Animal delivers the extraordinary” ~

“… [an] unrelenting pressure cooker of a play…brilliantly funny dialogue" ~

“Toying with the line between perception and reality, Animal takes us on a viciously playful tour through one woman’s mental crisis …[The play’s] action is thrilling …It’s also funny… awe-inspiring" ~

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