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An Introduction to Stage Lighting Techniques - 2 DVDs - ANY REGION

Graham Walne Price: $99.95

** WAS $199.95 - NOW $99.95 **

Internationally acclaimed Lighting Designer Graham Walne brings his wealth of professional experience to this easy-to-use essential learning resource

In this unique Two DVD presentation he demystifies the whole process of Stage Lighting from start to finish

These programmes are easy to understand and are clearly targeted at sharing expert tuition with students of 14+

The contents are fully comprehensive - as are the accompanying written education file notes - and encompass the following topics -



  • the purpose of lighting
  • identifying the style and limitations
  • creative resources
  • experimenting with scale models
  • the lighting designer's role in the production team
  • assessing the set
  • creating the section
  • acting area and blob plans
  • colour … misconceptions
  • the effect on skin and pigment using dimming
  • types of lights in use
  • demonstration of spots, floods and fresnels
  • gobos and diffusion
  • rehearsals
  • a visit to the theatre
  • drawing up the final plan



  • assessing the space
  • meeting the chief electrician
  • rigging the lights
  • focussing the lights
  • flashing through & creating the ‘cheat sheet’
  • types of plotting sessions
  • manual & memory systems
  • dimmer levels & their intensity
  • demo plotting session
  • plotting
  • use of the follow spot
  • the use of practicals on stage
  • lighting projections
  • gobos, stars, effects wheels
  • split colour, gauze, smoke

    From professional theatres to amateur dramatics, from secondary schools to universities, opera houses to libraries, these DVDs are providing vital and accessible information where often none exists

    Within two quality programmes, the entire world of lighting design is opened before you. The DVDs come complete with a free educational resource file, allowing lecturers and individuals alike to structure the learning programme to suit each and every need


  • Strand America
  • The British Library
  • The National Theatre UK
  • The Boston Opera House
  • The National Theatre Prague
  • The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

    NOTE: These DVDs are "Any Region" and will play on any DVD player

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