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An Ideal Husband

Large Mixed Cast

Oscar Wilde Price: $7.99

Public Domain
This Play can be performed Royalty Free

An Ideal Husband revolves around the lives of two men - successful politician Sir Robert Chiltern and his friend the ineffectual but utterly charming Lord Arthur Goring

Chiltern's life is perfect thanks to the help of his brilliant, loving wife Gerturde and the support of his quick witted sister Mabel

Goring's life is one of lounging, flirting with Mabel, and avoiding his father's instance that he should marry

The world of these men is turned upside down by the arrival of old acquaintance Mrs Laura Cheveley - who has come to blackmail

Chiltern stands to lose everything - including Gertrude - so it's up to his wife and Lord Arthur to confront this dilemma

But it could risk Goring's chances to finally win over Mabel

And still the question remains - what makes an ideal husband?

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