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An Enchanted Land

8 Male, 5 Female

Dale Wasserman Price: $9.99

A steamy, tragic tale of love, jealousy, revenge and betrayal in Haiti

"A funny, passionate and disturbing journey into a country torn apart by centuries of turmoil; a land that is said to be 60% Catholic, 40% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo ... A stunning human drama" ~ The London Morning Star

"An Enchanted Land is about love in the face of prejudice, the power and pettiness of religion, and the triumph of self over stereotype. It brims with character and spirit. The sultry heat haze of Haiti hangs close, the proverbs flow like water; Voodoo, Catholicism and superstition nestle comfortably together" ~ What's On

"Incredibly well scripted ... Emotions are dragged from high to low as the text alternates from deadly serious to the satirically funny" ~ London News Group

"The audience seemed totally mesmerized, the theatre so quite and intense it was a bit spooky. The use of music and the Voodoo ceremonies was brilliant" ~ African Magazine

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