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An August Bank Holiday Lark

Large Mixed Cast

Deborah McAndrew Price: $14.95

"Tomorrow morning, you and Frank Armitage are getting wed. In my opinion, marriage is blind optimism at any time, but especially in wartime. It's an act of faith"

Taking its title from a line in Philip Larkinís poem MCMXIV, An August Bank Holiday Lark explores the impact of the First World War on a rural community

Set during the idyllic summer of 1914 in rural Lancashire, everyone in the community is excited about Wakes week ...

... a much-needed rest from field and mill and a celebration of the Rushbearing Festival with singing, courting, drinking and dancing

The looming War barely registers

But it soon will

Through the lens of traditional rural life, this bitter-sweet play follows the stories of the villagers and witnesses their personal transitions from exuberance to touching naivety as they manage their loss with courage and humanity

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