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Seth Barrish

Published by Theatre Communications Group

"Are you an actor? Do yourself a favor and buy this book! Clear, concise and fun to use!"

Seth Barrish is the renowned actor, director and acting coach behind The Barrow Group, a theatre company and acting school based in New York City

Sub-titled Tools for the Working Actor, Seth's collection of practical acting tips, tools, and exercises are all simple, direct, and easy to understand

And even easier to apply, in both rehearsal and in performance

So If you're an actor - whether a seasoned professional or in the middle of training - this book is for you

But don't take our word for it, check out these reviews ...


"There is a muscularity, not to mention wisdom and truth, to Seth's techniques. He is a wonderful teacher, and I know that having him as my first guide is one of the luckiest things to have happened to me in my career and life" ~ Anne Hathaway from her Foreword

"The tools that Seth gives actors make the director's job easier and more exciting" ~ Michael Apted, film director

"With the simplicity of a Zen master and the wit of an author who knows his business, Seth Barrish offers the true gift of any teacher to a student: precise tools that are easy to grab and handy for life" ~ Martin Moran, actor, playwright

"After having had my fair share of overly intense and arrogant acting teachers while living in New York, Seth was a breath of fresh air'" ~Tony Hale, actor

"As a Casting Director who has never acted, his succinct, accessible lessons help me to not only be a better reader with the actors I audition on a daily basis, but these lessons have also given me the vocabulary to direct the actors into giving a better performance" ~ Jennifer Euston

"I have introduced Seth's book to my closest friends. You can now see them all on your favorite shows. Enough said" ~ Sakina Jaffrey, actor

"What a gem! An Actor's Companion is not only wise, but practical. The way Seth works is the best way: going for simplicity and spontaneity. But the book is selling itself short. It's not only an actor's companion - it's also a director's companion. I know I'll be using it" ~ Frank Oz, director, actor

"Seth's book cuts to the quick: specific, precise tools to make your acting more spontaneous. Seth's tools helped me rediscover the joy of acting" ~ Michael Stahl-David, actor

"An Actor's Companion is filled with simple, straightforward tools that are immensely freeing for any actor. They put you in your most creative and spontaneous state. I highly recommend this book!" ~ Peyman Moaadi, actor

"Are you an actor? Do yourself a favor and buy this book! Clear, concise and fun to use! I play with these tools every time I work" ~ Alison Wright, actor

"Over the years, my acting had become so labored that it had simply stopped being fun. This book of tools made me fall in love with acting all over again. Plus, I started booking a lot more jobs!" ~ Poorna Jagannathan, actor

"A wonderful and useful book, whether you're an old pro or just starting out - there's something for everyone!" ~ Debra Monk, actor

"Simple, clear cut, direct, practical actions to solve my everyday actor problems" ~ Zachary Booth, actor

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