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An Actor’s Carol

3 Male, 1 Female

Charles Evered Price: $15.95

Burned-out actor Hugh Pendleton is not-so-fresh from playing Scrooge one too many times in the backwater community theatre where his once promising career has met its unglamorous end

But now on Christmas Eve he's about to encounter three spirits of his own in this quirky and compelling ode giving the holiday classic a comic spin

Runs about 90 minutes

M3,F1 or Large Mixed Cast


“Shines a 21st-century light on an age-old tale with cleverness, wit and charm!” ~ V J Hume, C V Independent

“A charming and hilarious modernization of A Christmas Carol” ~ Catherine Randazzo, Associate Artist, Florida Studio Theatre

“If A Christmas Carol restores our love of Christmas, An Actor's Carol restores our love of Christmas AND theatre!” ~ Hal Linden, Tony Award–winning actor

“The triumph of Charles Evered’s An Actor's Carol is that it takes an old story and makes it seem new … his modernized take on Dickens’ ubiquitous holiday parable takes the Ebenezer Scrooge story out of Pre-Industrial Revolution London and plops it in a squalid playhouse where season after season of no-budget theater has been subsidized by the holiday cash cow that "A Christmas Carol" has become. It works, because Evered’s even-handed, light-hearted reinvention of the source material not only delivers Dickens’ original story of human redemption, but also adds some very relevant ideas about tolerance, inclusion and the theater” ~ Michael C Moore, Kitsap Sun

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